Flappy Bird: New multiplayer mode to release this August

(Photo: Flappy Bird)Gameply from the "Flappy Bird" video game is seen in a screenshot.

Playing Flappy Bird should only be during relaxing time, said game developer Dong Nguyen ahead of the game's return this year. 

A new version of the game many have loved is coming back in August with a multiplayer option and a less addictive nature, Nguyen told Kelly Evans of CNBC in an interview on Wednesday. Nguyen pulled Flappy Bird from online stores in February mainly because of it being addictive, even if it means losing a lot of revenue from his game, which was being played by millions of people. The Vietnam-based creator was worried that his game might cause gamers adverse effects.

According to Nguyen, the game was supposedly to played only to relax. But when it became an addictive product, it became a problem. To solve such a problem, it was best to take it down. "It's gone forever," he had said at the time when he decided to pull the game. He added that he wants people to spend time on more productive things rather than working hard to gain a Flappy Bird high score.

In March, Nguyen already said he would take the game back to app stores but did not give a definite date. He warned users to take a break when playing.

The game Flappy Bird which was in the App Store on May 2013, originally asked players to explore and go through green pipes. It became a worldwide sensation and more so, a legend when Nguyen pulled it off from app stores. During its absence, many Flappy Bird clones came out and also made their way to the charts. The Vietnamese developer told CNBC his game was downloaded over 50 million times.

Nguyen did not give more details for the upcoming version. It will be in the iOS app store again in August.

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