• protesters-opposing-egyptian-president-mohamed-mursi

    Egyptian army chief warns violence could trigger State collapse

  • impeachment-protest

    Sri Lanka bishop urges 'Day of Lament' over state of nation

  • pastor-saeed-abedini

    American pastor sentenced to 8 years in Iran prison

  • rev-suheil-dawani

    Jerusalem bishop speaks out against Syria sexual violence

  • holocaust

    UN rights chief, EU leaders speak out on Holocaust Memorial Day

  • malay-bible

    Malaysian group to hold Bible-burning 'fest' over use of 'Allah'

  • egypt-revolution

    Protesters, police clash in Cairo on Egyptian revolution anniversary

  • culture-secretary-maria-miller

    Church questions impact of UK same-sex marriage bill

  • un-in-geneva

    World churches leader meets UN rights chief on religious freedom

  • syrian-religious-sites

    Human Rights Watch: opposition destroy Syrian religious sites

  • egyptian-christians

    Egyptian Christians set to unify in ecumenical council

  • charlize-theron

    Religious leaders get 'new focus' at World Economic Forum in Davos

  • mccord-hospital

    South African Christian hospital with biggest HIV program to close

  • st-peters-square-vatican

    Holy See welcomes U.S. gun control push