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    Archbishop of Canterbury Honors UK WWI Veterans

  • berlinfull

    Ecumenicals: 'Christian Hope and Perseverance' Brought Down Berlin Wall

  • Court Bans Use of Crucifixes in Italian Classrooms

  • Zimbabwe Church Leaders Appeal for Government Unity

  • UN: World Looking to U.S. on Climate Change Action

  • Typhoon Lupit Slows, Weakens On Approach to Philippines

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    Korean Peninsula Unification Focus of WCC Asia Visit

  • UK Prime Minister: 'No Plan B' for Resolving Climate Change

  • Typhoon Lupit Threatens Philippines

  • WCC Head to Lead Delegation to North Korea

  • UN: World Hunger Due to Lack of Investment in Agriculture

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    Forum Set to 'Redefine' Unity and Churches' Will Toward It

  • Patriarch Calls for 'Never-Ending Search' for Church Unity at Theological Forum

  • Typhoon Parma Hits Battered Philippines