• us-pro-life-activists

    US Christians differ widely on morality of abortion, says survey

  • burnt-and-destroyed-egyptian-evangelical-church

    Egypt's political strife puts Christians in peril

  • irish-humanist-wedding

    'Looking good' more important for Irish students than religion: survey

  • belief-vs-atheism

    Richard Dawkins' tweet on Muslims and Nobel Prize ignites storm

  • youversion-bible-app

    New Bible app making Scriptures popular again

  • archbishop-emeritus-desmond-tutu

    Ghanaian Anglican bishop blasts Tutu over gay support

  • finnish-foreign-minister-erkki-tuomioja

    Finnish interior minister causes stir over faith-based abortion views

  • luis-palau-s-evangelistic-gathering

    Thousands drawn to Jesus at Luis Palau event in Venezuela

  • chistian-house-burnt-in-pakistan

    Churches urge EU to pressure Pakistan on blasphemy law

  • christian-vigil-in-lebanon

    World churches head shocked at Syria attacks on religious groups

  • billy-graham

    Billy Graham to reach out to North America just before he turns 95

  • reformation-monument

    Catholics, Lutherans launch historic joint document on Reformation

  • roy-costner-iv

    Prayer at US-government sponsored events comes under court spotlight

  • brazil-evangelical-christians

    Evangelical Christians gain political clout in Catholic Brazil