Big Bang Theory season 8 spoilers: Sheldon likely to stay - more wedding proposals?

(Jim Parsons from ''Big Bang Theory'' accepts the Emmy award for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles September 18, 2011. CREDIT: REUTERS/MARIO ANZUONI)

The geeky comedy that has the world on the edge of their calculators has been renewed for an 8th season, and fans are anxious about the future of one character, Sheldon Cooper.

The seventh season of the Big Bang Theory presented many changes that can affect future story lines, including Sheldon not being able to have his way with his job at Caltech. This prompts him to leave the home he shares with his friends and refusing to move in with his love interest, Amy. Season 7 ended with a scene of Sheldon in a train station. Could this mean the gang will have to say goodbye to the obnoxiously entertaining Sheldon?

According to the show's producer, Steve Molaro, it will be unlikely that there will be missing characters in the next season. Molaro spoke to the Hollywood Reporter and revealed that though there haven't been any definitive plans for season 8, all of the main characters will be there. When asked about the departure of a major player in the show, Molaro says that it "wasn't a factor."

"Not at all. We're making the best episodes that we can come up with," said the producer in his Hollywood Reporter interview.

"I have to move forward assuming everyone is going to be there. I have no reason to think they won't be. That wasn't a factor," added Molaro. Molaro continued to reveal that there will be more wedding proposals on season 8, especially now that Peggy and Leonard are an engaged couple.

"We're enjoying shining a light on how many proposals there have been and how many there might be to come. As long as we own it, we'll be OK," added Molaro.

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