'Outlast 2' release date, news: Game creator wants to scare players in a psychological level

(redbarrelsgames.com)"Outlast 2" to instill more psychological fear  

Red Barrels announced the development of "Outlast 2" in 2016, but the game developer is just beginning to unveil more details about the sequel of the 2013 survival horror game.

In an interview with Engadget, game creator Philippe Morin revealed their plans for the second installment of the "Outlast" first-person game franchise. According to Morin, they want to instill more psychological fear through the upcoming game.

"This time we could afford to pursue a little more thoroughly the psychological layer," Morin stated in the interview. "Internally what we've been saying is, the first Outlast was meant to take away your physical integrity, and the second Outlast will take your mental integrity."

The game creator also mentioned that despite the success of the first "Outlast" game, it was not what he initially envisioned it. According to Morin, they planned to scare the players with the game's compelling narrative. Yet, it featured more jump scares and disturbing images for the game's chilling effect due to the independent studio's limited resources.

"A lot of things came out the way we intended to, but we also had to make a lot of choices based on timing, schedule and budget," the game creator also stated. "So that psychological layer — we wanted that to be a part of the first Outlast, but sometimes you have to go with the flow and the game just becomes whatever it wants to become."

The story of "Outlast 2" will center on the adventures of Blake and Lynn Langermann, a husband-and-wife team who works as journalists. The Langermanns will investigate the murder of the pregnant woman who is only known as Jane Doe. But their investigation will lead them to a strange Arizona desert, where a series of unexplainable events begin to unfold.

Meanwhile, the game developer also revealed on a Twitter post that the upcoming "Outlast 2" may not be VR-ready upon release sometime this spring 2017.

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