'World of Final Fantasy' release news: RPG to include PS4 Collector's Edition, to feature Limited and Day One editions

(World of Final Fantasy official website)"World of Final Fantasy" gets a "PlayStation 4 Collector's Edition" treatment.

Square Enix's "World of Final Fantasy" will be receiving a special "PlayStation 4 Collector's Edition."

It was announced by the Japanese video game developer that the "Collector's Edition" will be priced at $120 and will be made available only via the Square Enix Online Store. The said edition will be showcasing voluminous features, including the game's original soundtrack along with a set of three mini-figures — Cloud, Lightning and Squall. The edition will be packed along with the game with an 80-page hardback art book and a physical disc. A physical pop-up book was also included with 3D paper cutouts.

The pop-up book will also include an extra digital content like White Chocobo, Glow Moogle, and Red Bonnetberyy mirages. Moreover, a Sephiroth summon and a Japanese voice-over alternative are also attached. 

On the other hand, the developer has also announced two additional editions, the "Limited" and "Day One." Priced at $60, the "Limited" edition will be coming with a physical copy of the "World of Final Fantasy" which is described as a "unique" package. Further, the package will be featuring the same digital content to that of the "Collector's" edition. The 24-page artbook-featured edition will not be sold exclusively to the Square Enix store as it will be made available at select stores.

Meanwhile, the "Day One" edition will also come with a physical disc. Notably though, this edition won't be having any special packaging. Similar to the "Limited" edition, it will also be retailed at select stores.

Announced at E3 2015, the "World of Final Fantasy" will be launched in North America in October 2015 with versions for "PlayStation 4" and "PlayStation Vita."

The Collector's, Limited, and Day One editions will be retailed for PS4 while the PS Vita will be able to opt for a Day One edition.

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