AMD Zen chipset rumored to be unveiled in CES 2017

(REUTERS/Steve Marcus)AMD is rumored to unveil its latest Zen chipsets in early 2017.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is reportedly gearing up to introduce its new batch of top-of-the-line Zen chipsets soon. Reports claim that the company will be presenting the new processors during the Consumer Electronics Show early next year.

As per WCCF Tech, AMD will be unveiling the next generation of Zen chipsets in the upcoming months. According to the report, the huge markdown and promo discounts on its current central processing units (CPU) including the FX 8300, FX 6300 and FX 4300 is the company's preparation for introducing the new line of processors. AMD is reportedly making the upgrade of the Bristol Ridge-powered PCs possible without the need to replace the entire computer.

The company's Director of Commercial Business Development John Hampton has reportedly emphasized this development in an interview.

"Enterprises want to keep PCs for as many years as possible, so the ability to easily upgrade to successor chips is important," said Hampton, according to iTech Post.

AMD is purportedly targeting business computers for the new Bristol Ridge Pro chips, specifically HP and Lenovo devices. Some of the features being hinted for the seventh generation Pro chips include faster and improved performance without consuming too much power. For instance, a 65-watt Pro chip can consume more than 30 percent less power than earlier Pro generations. Its CPU performance can speed up to 14 percent. It can also allegedly run 4K video.

Meanwhile, as per WCCF Tech, the unveiling in the CES 2017 will allegedly mark the beginning of new generation Zen processors, tagged as the "Summit Ridge." The Zen family is said to feature up to 8 cores and 16 threads. These will reportedly be compatible to the company's upcoming technology, the AM4 platform. The Zen CPUs will also not be the only technology AMD will be introducing to the CPU world. It is said to be showcasing its collection of new AM4 motherboards, including the much-awaited X370 series chipset model.

Amidst all the said speculation, AMD has yet to comment on their plans for the CES 2017. 

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