American Horror Story season 4 midseason finale spoilers: Episode 10 sees the arrival of season 2 character

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Things just keep on getting creepier as American Horror Story: Freak Show reach its mid-season finale. FX's horror anthology featuring Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts is now on its fourth season and episode 10's big reveal showed season four's connection to season two, AHS: Asylum. Freak Show is set in the 50s while Asylum happened in the 60s, paving the connection between the two seasons.

In episode 10 titled, "Orphans," Pepper played by Naomi Grossman, is troubled by another death in the camp. This is presumed to cause the arrival of Sister Mary Eunice played by Lily Rabe, according to the International Business Times. Sister Mary Eunice was first introduced in season two as a nun employed at the Briarcliff Asylum for the criminally insane. Pepper, born with a condition called microcephaly, was a patient in Briarcliff. Her neurological condition caused her head to be smaller than their actual age or size. But in season two, it was revealed that this was not the reason she was instituted in the asylum. Pepper cut off her sister's baby and drowned her. The appearance of Sister Mary Eunice is presumed to explain how Pepper got admitted to Briarcliff after staying in Jupiter. Fans could also expect to know the "history of the freak show" with Elsa's revelation.

Before the beginning of the season in October, Entertainment Weekly announced that both Rabe and Grossman would return to play their roles in a previous season. reported that Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother series is set to join the cast in the final two episodes of the season. Harris' character, "chameleon salesman," is knowledgeable in magic, something the actor is interested in real life. " Series co-creator Ryan Murphy said Harris has expressed deep liking for the series. "He's very interested in the show and obviously Neil is a magician and likes all that magic stuff. So he's fascinated with that. We're trying to make it work. I'm optimistic," Murphy added.

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