'America's Next Top Model' cycle 22: results in by Dec. 4; who will be the last ANTM winner?

(Official Facebook)The four finalists of "America's Next Top Model" Cycle 22 (from left to right): Nyle DiMarco, Lacey Rogers, Mame Adjei, and Mikey Heverly

"America's Next Top Model" is coming to a conclusion with the current cycle's finale this Friday. With it being the last of this Tyra Banks original show, there's bound to be some massive guessing game as to who the last winner will be. It looks like The CW has managed to keep a tight lid on that information so far.

Fans of Tyra Banks' "America's Next Top Model" expected a reveal or a teaser of sorts more than a week ago in the first part of the Cycle 22 finale. But so far it only left the viewers with a cliffhanger, leaving no clues as to who can be named the Next Top Model winner. Right before the episode "Finale Part 1: The Girl Who Made A Splash" ended, Tyra Banks, accompanied by other judges Miss J Alexander and Kelly Cutrone, announced that only two models will be competing in the final runway. As everybody knows, that can only be one girl and one boy as it will be girl vs girl and guy vs. guy in the portfolio presentation. So who will it be?

The last episode did not have too much of a clue. Even after the non-scoring Zappos couture and "Nylon" magazine challenge, all models seemed to be in equal grounding. All comments have agreed that the four deserved a spot in the finals.

Most sites, like the Latinos Post, noted that Lacey Rogers might win the Girls Round. This is due to the fact that her direct competition, Mame Adjei, is distracted by a blow-off from former contestant Justin Kim, who suspects that she had been fooling around with co-finalist Mikey Heverly. But the diplomat's daughter still seemed determined to walk away with the title, though she did let slip that losing Justin over the title be pretty devastating.

It is tougher to call the Guys Round. Since it's going to be a presentation that will determine the final guy in the runway, Mikey might have an edge having won the last presentation challenge, where they had to propose a brand of their own. But Nyle DiMarco had been doing well for himself, having won a lot of challenges and earning positive reviews on his portfolio week after week. It is therefore an injustice to cross him out, now that he is so close to the finals.

So who gets to compete in final runway? So runs away with the last title of being "America's Next Top Model?" Find out the answer when the finale airs this Friday, Dec. 4 on The CW.

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