Apple iOS 8 will have TextEdit, Preview, Tips and Healthbook

(Screenshot: Weibo / TD Beta)

There are leaked screen shots of Apple iOS 8 seen recently and it looks a lot like iOS 7, as discussed in the Christian Science Monitor. It was at a September event in Beijing that a line of 5S handsets were shown. The last batch was posted on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging platform.

Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, who was having a talk with few of the Apple insiders, certified the photos are legit.

For iOS 8, there is not much expectation of a complete overhaul, as it will greatly look like iOS 7. For the most part, the next OS will resemble iOS 7 – with "flat" icons and the Helvetica Neue font. Seen in the screen shots are TextEdit and Preview as well as something called Tips.

(Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

TextEdit is a fundamental word processor and Preview seems to mirror a PDF file viewer. According to Gotta Be Mobile's Craig Lloyd, Tips contains the user manual which comes with every iOS unit.

There is likewise Healthbook, a fitness app Apple reportedly hopes to make a main feature of its next mobile OS. It will collect data such as how many steps you take, calories you burn and distance you walk. The app can monitor blood pressure, heart rate and hydration levels. Healthbook will give users the ability to create reminders.

Furthermore, the M7 chip which Apple presented with its most recent iPhone can measure motion data, as well as enabling the accelerometer, compass and gyroscope.

Meanwhile, Apple rolled out iOS 7.1 update which updates the fingerprint recognition feature on the iPhone 5S, fixes home-screen bugs, improves iTunes and contains the CarPlay feature. CarPlay helps integrate maps, music and messaging with your vehicle's touch screen.

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