Apple's 'Sharing Selfies' gets self-snappers everywhere

(Photo: Flickr / CSUF Photos)

Over the weekend, an article in reported that Apple, Inc., has added in its App Store a section called 'Sharing Selfies,' where you see apps that allow users to share portraits everyone loves to see. The apps includes Snapchat, Close-up, Frontback and others.

Snapchat lets you send images or videos which will disappear after a preset period. Close-up reminds you to make a daily selfie as it builds your face' daily photo journal that would be the contents of a time-lapse video of a journal that you will create. Frontback enables the front- and back-facing cameras while taking a shot and produce a distinctive look by stitching the photos together.

Selfie, the "2013 crowned word of the year" by Oxford Dictionaries, and defined as "a photograph one takes of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website," receives this honor which is more prestigious, considering its roots in the technology sphere.

The section 'Sharing Selifes' is available on the Apps Store front page, both on your iDevice and desktop. The selfie app section got different feedback just like other moves of the like.

A writer of Gizmodo described it as "something to change your tune when you're too happy with humanity," and "the app store section we deserved," Engadget's Mat Smith said. According to CNET "it is a phenomenon that won certain measures of legitimacy from Apple."

It is still unclear how long will Sharing Selfies stay in the Apple store. For now, there is an indication that it will stay as an addition to what has already been highlighted by Apple.

Consequently, analysts advise consumers to enjoy it while it lasts. For feedbacks and comments, whatever it is, the selfie's popularity lead to Apple's smart move, and this free app will definitely be a hit with selfie-snapping users.

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