'Attack on Titan' Season 2 Premier Date, News and Updates: production will go ahead if manga version has 4 story-arc lead


The first season of the post-apocalyptic anime series, "Attack on Titan" concluded two years ago in September 2013. According to Crossmap, director Tetsuro Akari has revealed that production for season two still hasn't started, as the manga version by Hajime Isayama, "Shigeki No Kyojin," which is the source of the story, is still just two story arcs ahead of the anime.

In a recent article, Ecumenical News had reported that the first season had already covered the first 34 chapters of the manga, which is now already into chapter 70, as of the time of writing. The manga is already ahead of the anime by two story arcs, which will probably be the focus of season two, the "Clash of Titans" arc, and "The Uprising" arc. The manga reportedly needs to lead at least four story arcs from the anime before production can proceed. "Attack on Titan" season two is slated for a 2016 release, but specifics about the exact month of this year are not known even to the production staff.

The first season of the anime will be compiled into two animated theatrical films with new voice acting from the same cast. The first film "Attack on Titan Part 1: Crimson Bow and Arrow" covered the first 13 episodes and was released on November 22, 2014, while the second film "Attack on Titan Part 2: Wings of Freedom" will feature the remaining episodes and is set for release on June 27.

"Attack on Titan" is a story set in a world where humanity lives inside cities surrounded by three enormous walls as a defense against the Titans—gigantic humanoid creatures who eat humans for seemingly no reason. The story is centered around Eren Yeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, and their friend Armin Arlert, who join the military to fight the Titans after their home town is invaded and Eren's mother is eaten up. As the story progresses, Eren develops amazing abilities and mysteries about the Titan's origins are uncovered.

Two live action films, "Attack on Titan" and "Attack on Titan: End of the World," based on the original story will be released on August 1 and September 19, respectively.

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