'Avatar 2' release date set for 2017; James Cameron faced challenges finding technology capable of realizing his vision


It has been more than five years since the groundbreaking movie "Avatar" hit theaters. The epic James Cameron hit ushered in a new era of 3D movie watching, so fans are naturally keen on what the director has in store for fans in "Avatar 2."

The sequel has been in production since 2014 but the project appears to be plagued with numerous delays. Cameron rekindled fans hopes when he announced that the sequel will be out in theaters by 2017, followed the year after by the next installation. The 60-year-old director also fired up imaginations with his description of what he had planned as well as the promise of new technology that will help bring the movie to life.

 However, it seems that same technology is what is causing the delays.

When Cameron announced the release dates for the next two "Avatar" movies, he also talked about exploring the underwater ecosystem of Pandora. The noted environmentalist discussed how the next movie will show new species of life and how it interacts with the rest of the planet. He talked about his vision on how to shoot those scenes and extolled the virtues of the technology he would be using.

According to the "Titanic" director, the technology he would use in the movie will help him to easily do motion-capture. It will also allegedly speed up the filming process.

Unfortunately, this technology is still being developed and Cameron is still waiting on it. The director also believes that this improved motion-capture technology will also help enhance how facial expressions are recorded. This seems to be the clincher, for while water and its effects can be added on thru graphics, facial expressions are trickier. There is also a new lighting system that is also being developed and one that is said to frame shots in a unique way.

The movie is currently being shot in New Zealand not only because of its astounding environment but also because Weta Digital is based there. The company has developed the software for the movie's graphics and is also in-charge of its special effects.

Fans will soon know if the technology was worth the wait when "Avatar 2" hits theaters in December 2017.

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