British Christians Applaud New Coalition Government

British evangelicals applauded the country's newly formed coalition government on Wednesday, calling on Prime Minister David Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg to lead the country in a "spirit of trust and cooperation."

"Out of the potential chaos that followed Thursday's indecisive result, we have seen our political leaders act with a dignity that accords their high office," Steve Clifford, general director of the London-based Evangelical Alliance said in a statement on Wednesday.

"I hope that the coming weeks and months will see a co-operative approach embodied in British politics," he said. "This is a chance to restore trust in the political system and show that politics can work for the benefit of all."

Clifford added that he hopes "compassion" will take center stage in the new government and that the coalition will be defined by its "integrity and its commitment to act humbly and pursue justice."

"This is a chance for an emphasis on responsibilities rather than rights and to encourage broad civil liberties," he said

Speaking press conference on Wednesday, Cameron promised that the new coalition government would provide "strong and stable leadership" and take the country in a "historic new direction."

The government is the first of its kind in the country since 1945, and comes after five days of political negotiations after last Thursday's election left no party with a majority in Parliament.

Cameron was confirmed as Britain's Prime Minister on Tuesday evening by Queen Elizabeth, shortly after former PM Gordon Brown resigned.

Clifford has asked that churches work closely with their members of Parliament and local government to strengthen the political system and provide a link to the community they represent.

"This is a new opportunity not just for our politicians, but for all of us to explore how working together - while undoubtedly challenging - can be more effective than going it alone," Clifford said.

"I ask that many will join with me in praying for David Cameron and Nick Clegg as they take up their new roles, that they will be granted wisdom in the decisions they take and peace amid the inevitable storms that will come their way."

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