'Descendants of the Sun' season 2 news: Renewal is possible; movie version confirmed

(Facebook / Descendants of the Sun)A renewal of the "Descendants of the Sun" is possible.

South Korean drama series "Descendants of the Sun" aired its last episode back in April, but still fans can't seem to get enough of it. There are now rumors that due to its popularity, the show might get renewed for another season.

KBS' Jeong Seongho gave some hints of a possible second season of the hit TV series during a recent interview. Seongho expressed his gratitude to all the viewers who enjoyed the drama series, before adding that he "would like to repay them by giving the show a second season." Seongho already reached out to the network in hopes that a renewal will be given the green light.

Whether or not season 2 will really happen remains unclear and is assumed to be under negotiation. However, if the show will have a second season, Seongho explained what the story could be.

"One of the head writers, Kim Wonsuk, said that they have a lot to live up to if they call it 'Season 2.' We'll have to keep adjusting to see whether to make it focus on the army or choose a different theme," Seongho said.

Seongho's words are definitely good news to fans who are hoping to see the story continue.

Another piece of good news is that the TV series will soon release in theatres. Chinese news outlet Wuhan Evening Post reported that Huace Film and TV, a film production company, has already acquired the rights to the drama series to turn it into a feature film.

Zhang Yibai is set to take the director's seat, but decisions on who will star in the film have yet to be made. Reports mentioned that Zhang is under pressure when it comes to choosing the actors for the film, considering that the success of the drama series owes it to the charming personalities of the TV actors.

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