'Devil May Cry 5' release date: No-show at Tokyo Game Show 2016; a surprise announcement?

(Facebook/devilmaycry)"Devil May Cry 5" is rumored to be in production.

Game developer Capcom's hack and slash action-adventure video game "Devil May Cry" has been rumored to introduce its fifth installment in the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2016. However, the game developer's schedule on the game event did not include the much-anticipated title on its roster.

It was previously rumored that "Devil May Cry 5" may be included on last Wednesday's, Sept. 7, Sony PlayStation Meeting. The said game may be launched alongside Sony's newest gaming consoles, PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo, as a game designed for the said platforms. However, there were no signs of the hack and slash game in the recent Sony event.

There were also reports that "Devil May Cry 5" may get its launching during the Tokyo Game Show, which is scheduled next week starting on Sept. 15. Unfortunately, the title was not listed in Capcom's schedule for the Japanese gaming event. The titles that are expected to be introduced by the game developer include "Monster Hunter," "Street Fighter 5," and "Ace Attorney."

Some fans are hoping that Capcom will be setting the stage for a huge "Devil May Cry 5" surprise. This is because the Sept. 17 and the Sept. 18 schedule are both having a 5-minute segment for a special "Talk." Although this could mean an opportunity given for the press, it is also possible that the game developer may unveil a very short teaser video for the upcoming installment. However, there are speculations that it is highly unlikely to happen.

There are also rumors suggesting that "Devil May Cry 5" will no longer be getting the studio Ninja Theory DMC reboot. The English studio has rebooted the franchise in 2013 and got unfavorable reviews from both critics and fans because of the considerable changes in the game. Capcom may have learned from it and will no longer have studio Ninja Theory work on it.

More details on the upcoming title will soon be revealed.

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