'Dragon Ball Super' episode 42 spoilers: Goku vs Monaka; Vegeta to train Cabba?

(Toei Animation)Vegeta will meet a new opponent in episode 38 of "Dragon Ball Super."

Fans were surprised when Zeno appeared in the latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super." Even the characters Beerus and Champa were startled when they saw the King of all the 12 universes in the story.

Zeno is considered powerful; Beerus and Champa bowing before him is proof that he is superior to most of them. While everyone was scared of the Omni-King, Goku casually went up to him to shake his hand.

The battle between Universe 6 and Universe 7 is already over and some characters thought it was even pointless to have it in the first place. Zeno was even reminding Beerus and Champa that they haven't completed their tasks. Being Gods of Destruction, they should be doing something else rather than doing nothing but just eat and sleep. But despite that, Zeno enjoyed the battles between the two Universes so much that he thought of having tournaments involving all 12 universes. If that would happen, it's something fans can look forward to.

In the meantime, Universe 7 will celebrate their victory in the upcoming episode, titled "An Uproar at the Victory Celebration! Facing Off at Last?! Monaka vs. Son Goku." As given away in the title, two warriors from Universe 7 will be squaring off – and this is nothing more than just for show-off purposes, since Goku has been longing to get into a fight with Monaka.

Monaka is supposed to be Universe 7's strongest fighter, but apparently it is not the case as spoilers reveal that later on, Monaka will be exposed as a fake and was never a strong fighter in the first place.

Meanwhile, a possible relationship between Cabba and Vegeta in the future has been teased. Cabba was seen calling Vegeta "master," something that annoyed the Prince of Saiyans. Cabba also told Vegeta that he may soon visit Planet Salad. It's highly likely that Cabba will soon train under Vegeta when it comes to harnessing the powers of a Saiyan.

Catch the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" on May 8, Sunday, 9 a.m. Japan time on FujiTV.

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