'Eclipse: Edge of Light' gameplay news, teaser: White Elk to launch 'Eclipse' as 'Daydream' exclusive

Google will be taking virtual reality (VR) gamers into a science fiction exploration, with "Eclipse: Edge of Light." The title, which was initially slated to debut on the PlayStation VR, is now expected to launch on Google's VR platforms.

(White Elk Studios)White Elk Studios to launch "Eclipse" as a Daydream VR exclusive

Contrary to the first announcement made by game developer White Elk Studios in 2015, a recent trailer for "Eclipse: Edge of Light" sported an "Only on Daydream" banner. Shortly after the title was first announced in 2015, the studio presented a demo version of the game at Sony's PlayStation Experience in December of the same year.

It seems like its platform is not the only aspect about the game that is still in question. On White Elk's official page for the game, it indicates "working title" below "Eclipse." Hence, there is still a possibility for the game to be published under a different name.

Based on the trailer, the gameplay will focus on exploration, wherein gamers will have to traverse an unchartered territory. At the same time, players will have to find out this planet's past, as well as its mysteries.

According to White Elk, the first-person exploration title will take players into a "sentient planet with a dark past." Players will have to go through a beautiful environment that still holds the secrets of its past, a failed civilization. In the game, a relict called the Artifact will enable players to control the natural elements of the planet and it will allow them to use ancient technology. But before gamers can do so, they must find the Artifact, or pieces of it. This relic has been broken into several fragments, and each of which will bring new powers.

Players will have to complete the Artifact, discover the planet's secrets, and escape safely.

White Elk Studios has yet to slap a release date on "Eclipse," but it is expected to launch soon.

More updates should roll out in the weeks to come. 

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