Facebook Messenger arrives on Microsoft's Windows Phone 8

(IMAGE: Microsoft / Windows Phone Blog)The new Facebook Messenger app running on Windows Phone 8.

The Facebook Messenger app is now available on Windows Phone 8 as Microsoft continues its aim to provide a more desirable apps selection.

Facebook finally made it to the Windows Phone mobile operating system, two years after its debut on Android and iOS. According to The Inquirer, the pleasure is not only Facebook's. Microsoft also seemed pleased when it announced the development in a blog post. It mentioned that a promise had been made at last week's Mobile World Congress 2014 that Facebook Messenger will land in the Windows Phone Store.

Windows Phone currently has an app where the user can see who is online. It allows group conversations, sending stickers and location sharing. However, users cannot do voice messaging with it. It also does not support Chat Heads.

As for Facebook Messenger, one can send a private message and include stickers and pictures. The app also allows users to share location for others to know if you are nearby. Users can manually add friends themselves, or import contacts. The names can be found in Facebook's People Tab.

With Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone, the Windows Phone Store's app selection appears to be improving. As The Verge reported, Nokia announced earlier that Blackberry Messenger is coming to Windows Phone, to follow the latest addition of Vine and Instagram.

Facebook Messenger's landing on Windows Phone may have taken quite a while compared to its Android and iOS debut, but its arrival now is a few weeks ahead of a major update of Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft is expected to roll out the update in early April.

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