'Fairy Tail' chapter 518 rumors, predictions: Erza to transform into a dragon following Wendy's death

(Comixology)Rumors claim that Erza will transform into a dragon in "Fairy Tail" chapter 518.

While it remains unknown if Erza will, indeed, kill the Irene/Eileen-possessed Wendy in the upcoming chapter 517 of "Fairy Tail," it is predicted that Erza will transform into a dragon in chapter 518 after the supposed death of Wendy. 

It is heavily suspected that Erza will have to make a difficult choice in the upcoming chapter 517 of "Fairy Tail" for the greater good. While Wendy is her friend, it is said that she will eventually kill her after Irene/Eileen possessed her body in the previous chapter. This way, sources claim, Erza will be able to protect her other friends from the harm that Irene/Eileen can possibly do.

As chapter 517 is not expected to arrive earlier than Jan. 17, there is no way to confirm if Erza will really kill the Irene/Eileen-possessed Wendy. However, it is already suspected that Erza will transform into a dragon in chapter 518 of "Fairy Tail." According to sources, Wendy's death will especially affect Erza, and the overflow of emotions will lead her into unlocking some of her unknown abilities.

Sources claim that, since Erza is the daughter of Irene/Eileen, and it is also suspected that her father could have been a dragon as well, it is possible for her dragon blood to awaken, while she pours out her emotions over Wendy's death. Hence, it is likely for her to transform into a scaly flying creature in "Fairy Tail" chapter 518.

Meanwhile, although it is believed that Erza will kill Wendy in chapter 517, there are those who suspect that the latter will take it upon herself to end her own life in the upcoming chapter. Some fans opine that this is not a far cry as Wendy is known to be emotional when it comes to her friends. Hence, instead of waiting for Erza to attack her Irene/Eileen-possessed body, she will kill herself instead and spare her friends from the wrath of Erza's mother.

Will Erza really transform into a dragon? Will Wendy really die?

Find out when "Fairy Tail" chapter 517 arrives on Jan. 17 and chapter 518 on Jan. 24.

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