Flappy Bird's coming back--and you can hear the groans growing louder

(Credit: Flickr / naka_hide)Screenshot from the popular mobile game Flappy Bird.

No firm release date yet but the maddeningly frustrating game will be back, said developer Dong Nguyen, a 28-year old who lives in Vietnam.

The reluctant media sensation yanked the popular app just last month after complaining loudly to all and sundry that the game was ruining his life. But in a tweet posted this week, Nguyen said his game will be returning to Apple's App Store.

Credit: Twitter

The game became a runaway hit on Apple's iOS App Store, topping the download charts, and earning Nguyen a cool $50,000 a day in ad revenues.

Its immunity from solution is what makes the app's so endearing. Flappy Bird's infamous for being virtually impossible to master and defeats attempts by Android and iOS users to navigate a flapping bird through a series of obstacles along a narrow path.

The sudden fame and fortune caught Nguyen off guard, according to a Rolling Stone interview. And, having trouble with the deluge of attention and charges of plagiarism, Nguyen decided to pull the plug on Flappy Bird. He removed the title from the Apple App Store and Google Play markets.

Once Nguyen pulled the game, a number of Flappy Bird clones and offshoots surfaced in app stores. Some crazed lovers of the game used Twitter to threaten Nguyen's life while others threatened to commit suicide if the game didn't return.

There isn't a firm release date for the game and it's not yet listed in the App Store. Nguyen has said he wants to bring the game back but cautioned "not so soon." That can't come soon enough for the crazed birdies out there.

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