GoPro Hero 5 rumors: next action camera tipped to feature Karma drone compatibility among industry-leading specs


GoPro may have a promising year ahead with anticipation for its upcoming products quickly building. Consumers are eagerly awaiting the release of the company's first drone called Karma as well as the release of the upcoming Hero 5 extreme action camera. Investors are also hoping that the upcoming Karma drone and Hero 5 camera will help revive the company's flagging sales.

According to Christian Today, the GoPro Hero 5 was initially supposed to launch in 2015 but was delayed to make way for tweaks and upgrades. GoPro also wanted to make sure that their new action camera would stand out against other emerging competitors.

Now, based on reports from several media outlets, it seems that GoPro is developing the Hero 5 camera to be compatible with the Karma drone. It is also likely that the two upcoming products may be bundled together and released later this year.

According to Value Walk, in order to have compatibility with drones, the upcoming Hero 5 will be significantly smaller and lighter than its predecessor. The camera will also need to comply with regulations mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

With drone capability, the Hero 5 camera would be a compelling device in the market. It would be able to take footage in air, in land and underwater. It is also rumored that the Hero 5 will have upgraded waterproof capabilities that would allow it to go down to depths as low as 60 meters.

Finally, with today's newest devices featuring 4K resolutions, GoPro is also rumored to be working on giving the Hero 5 capability to shoot videos in 8K resolutions.

Unfortunately, GoPro has not made any official announcements regarding the Hero 5 camera. So at this point, news and specs are still mainly speculative. Hopefully, the company makes an announcement in the coming months.

Stay tuned for all the latest news and updates regarding the GoPro Hero 5 action camera.

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