'GTA 6' release rumors: The possible locations that are being considered for the next game

(Facebook / Grand Theft Auto)"Grand Theft Auto 5" continues to enjoy popularity and sales which makes players anxious to get their hands on "Grand Theft Auto 6" even more.

There are a lot of speculations spreading online regarding the next location of "Grand Theft Auto VI." There haven't been any official details that were released about the sequel, but fans are already itching to find out the new details of the game.

Rumors are spreading that Rockstar Games may actually go outside the borders of the United States for the next game. The next location is said to be set in Europe, with some saying it will take place mainly in London, England. However, this has already been done before when the franchise was still in its early years. It was set during 1961 in London and the developers who handled the game were from DMA Designs. During that time, the game was not that spectacular since it was made in a 2D format.

However, the possibility of going back to London for the sixth installment may not be far off since the idea is already there. Its setting may also be during 1961, something which has already been done before in "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" when the game's backdrop was during 1984.

If the developers are still not ready to go beyond the borders of the United States, there are still some cities within the country that can inspire the next game. Another contender may be the city of Chicago since it also had a long history with criminals. The subculture of the place is also diverse so it will make an interesting location for the sixth installment.

Another city that can be explored is the city of Tokyo in Japan. It would really take the game to another level since the city could be sprawling with Yakuza gangsters. It will really be set in another culture, but it might offer a very interesting story as well.

There are no official details yet regarding the next title of the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise, but fans are expecting it to be released in 2018.

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