H1Z1 Early Access launching soon on Steam, release date for PS4 and Windows versions late this year

(Photo: H1Z1 Official Website)Can you survive the world of zombies?

H1Z1 Early Access is coming to Steam soon, but no definite release date yet as to when the game will be released on PS4 and Windows.

In the official H1Z1 blog, Technical Director Tom Schenck was honest about what phase they are currently in terms of game development, and that there is no conclusive release date that they can divulge yet.

"As for the game, we are currently in a pre-alpha stage of development, and have an Early Access feature list that we are working against to hit launch status. That means every day new items, features and abilities get created and checked into the game world.

On our most recent livestream, we showed off combat and crafting, and in particular, player crafting of a new weapon, the bow (and arrows). The team has put in some cool bits we can all be proud of, and the full systems are almost all in place.

Bows and arrows can be crafted from found materials and can be used to take down zombies with nice headshots, as well as hunt deer by shooting them in the eye for example."

This massively multiplayer online (MMO) game takes place in a zombie apocalypse setting, where players will have to thrive with each other and make good use of the resources available in order to survive the pandemic infection.

H1Z1 is an epidemic that drove the entire human race to a post-apocalyptic state, and not exactly a zombie-free paradise.

Because this is an open PvP game, players can manipulate each other and allies can turn into enemies just to persist and outlive other beings and the hordes of undead.

The gameplay trailer of H1Z1 was previewed last April.

Ever since the announcement, Sony and the developers have employed a transparent approach to game design and development and have regularly been sharing news, updates and sneak peeks into the game.

In fact, developers of H1Z1 have opened its doors to collaborate with the community via Twitter and Reddit, through polls and Q & A's.

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