'Dying Light' DLC 'The Following' release date still not confirmed

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There is a big amount of anticipation about the upcoming expansion for the 'Dying Light' survival game which is set in a world that has been hit by a zombie apocalypse. However, as of now there is no release date set for the DLC titled "The Following," which will be made available for free to those who have purchased the season's pass.

Earlier this year in August, Techland, the game's developer, had showcased it during Gamescom where they revealed that a scary cult and its members would be the focus of the DLC. As for the release date of "The Following," The Express states that no details were provided about it when Techland took to its Twitter account to describe how the city of Harran had zombies placed on hamster wheels to generate electricity.

Last month however, Techland provided more information about the dirt buggies that will be seen in the expansion. It outlined how the new All-Terrain Dirt Buggy that is constructed under the brand SILAS Motors will provide a lot of security to the driver. The buggy is also designed to provide the driver with a number of tools which can be used as weapons. These new buggies are also going to be customizable by the gamer and using it they will be able to roam over the countryside that is outside the city of Harran. Gamers will also have to navigate a skill tree for these buggies when they use them and this was revealed by VG247.

There is also going to be new weapons such as crossbows arriving with "The Following" DLC, which is focus on fleshing out the story of Kyle Crane the main protagonist in the game. Importantly, the DLC has been described as a huge offering that is as big as all the maps of the game combined.

Even though Techland asked gamers to send them messages so that they can place them in an abandoned post office, which is one of the locations in the upcoming expansion, it has not revealed a release date for it. "The Following" is priced at $14.99, but is available for free with the season pass.

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