Hunger Walk Celebrates 40th Year, Strives to Provide 'Enough for All'

((Photo: Julia Jones/Church World Service))CROP Hunger Walks celebrates its 40th year of fundraising for hunger both nation and worldwide. The program brings in nearly million a year from individuals, organizations and local businesses.

The Church World Service will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of its hunger-fighting initiative the CROP Hunger Walks.

The theme of this year's fundraising event is "Enough for All," chosen as a gesture of reaching out towards individuals and families affected by the economic downturn. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations announced in June that hunger is projected to reach an all-time high in 2009, with over 1.02 billion people facing hunger. The organization's complete 2009 report will be released in October.

"The CROP Hunger Walk attests to the ecumenism of our faith, a national effort in partnership with our brothers and sisters in 35 denominations," said the Rev. Dennis Hartman, coordinator of the Pennridge-Perkasie CROP Hunger Walk in Pennsylvania. " The CROP Hunger Walk reflects the ecumenism of our joint endeavors in the mission field. The 25 percent that is allocated to a grassroots charity is so important and motivating."

Genevra Allen, recruiter for the Pennridge-Perkasie program says, "Mission is the most important work we do at church. Through the CROP Hunger Walk lives are changed. Improving people's lives for the better, it's what we are all about."

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