iPad Pro 2 release date, specs rumors: What fans want to see

(Apple website)iPad Pro is a compact, lightweight tablet that functions like a computer as well.

It seems as though Apple is not ready yet to announce anything about the iPad Pro 2. However, the lack of official updates from the tech giant leads fans to come up with speculations.

Reports say that Apple will upgrade iPad Pro 2's processor to A10X, and that it will be replacing the usual home button. Rumors also say that iPad Pro 2 will come in 10.5 inches.

Despite these rumors, Apple has not said a word yet, but fans of the said company who are anticipating iPad Pro 2 want to know more. Hence, some came up with a list of what they want to see on the upcoming flagship tablet.

Dave Smith from Business Insider suggested that it would be better if apple will include a file system, which is similar to a desktop, in the upcoming device. A lot of Mac users have applauded the device's algorithm in organizing files neatly, and it would be better if iPad Pro 2 will have a file organizer like Finder. Aside from the file system, the report also proposed an idea of putting a support for the device's mouse and trackpad.

In 2015, Apple released the first iPad Pro. The said device has a 10,307 mAh battery; hence, it would be better if Apple will upgrade the forthcoming tablet with a more remarkable battery life.

It would also be a good idea if iPad Pro 2 will come with free Apple Pencil. Furthermore, since Apple's iPad Pro 2 could be the next replacement to laptops, then it would be better if the American multinational tech company will improve its storage even more.

This is currently one of Apple's exciting projects. However, Apple fans will have to wait for further announcements about the upcoming tablet's specs.

There is also no word from Apple as to when will they open the gates for iPad Pro 2.

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