Jay-Z and Beyonce billion-dollar divorce rumors surface after latest magazine cover

(Source: Life & Style Magazine)

Though Beyonce and Jay-Z might have resolved the elevator drama involving Solange, reports strongly suggest that the famous couple might be heading for divorce town, and it could be one of the most expensive celebrity separations to date.

On the cover of Life & Style magazine, the headline suggests that the Grammy Award-winning couple's relationship is about to end, with big bold letters saying "Jay-Z & Beyonce $1 Billion Divorce." The cover further states in bullet points that the main reasons include Jay's nights with other women, fights, jealousy, and why Beyonce is keeping the split a huge secret.

It was also stated that Beyonce used to have the tattoo of a roman numerall 4 (IV) to symbolize the birthday of her husband (December 4), and the day of their wedding (April 4), and that now only traces of the tattoo are to be seen. A friend close to the couple attests this, and says that Jay-Z couldn't care less.

"Jay's been telling his friends that Beyonce is getting her ring tattoo removed, the one they got when they were married. He just sorta shrugs it off though saying 'Nothing is forever.'" told the source, as reported by Showbizspy.com.

The source added that though Beyonce repeatedly portrays herself as a strong woman, it is truly far from the truth.

"B puts out this strong, independent woman-type persona, but she's a wallflower with Jay and is basically just really submissive with him," continued the source, suggesting that Jay-Z is submissive to Beyonce.

"Don't be mistaken; B and Jay are always aware that they are in the public eye and they were prepared in case the video came out. Jay is basically laughing about it now, and they're confident it's going to pass," continued the source in the said post.

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