Kenya Floods: CWS Provides Supplies to Displaced Victims, May Require Further Response

(Photo Credit: Church World Service)Displaced people are seen in Kenya after floods triggered by heavy rains at the end of 2012.

Church World Service is providing hundreds of blankets and mattresses to flood victims in Kenya, as more than 20 people have been killed, and hundreds displaced over the past two weeks.

CWS says it is responding in the Rift Valley region of Marakwet, where at least 10 people, including three children have perished in landslides that were triggered after heavy flooding at the end of 2012. Rift Valley is one of the nation's seven administrative provinces outside of the capital, Nairobi.

The organization says further response may be required, while including information for how to submit donations to any of its global response efforts.

"Red Cross and Government personnel with assistance from villagers made frantic efforts to look for survivors, some of who were rushed to nearby medical centers for treatment. Rescue efforts are still on despite ongoing rain in the affected areas," said Sammy Mutua, CWS East Africa emergency coordinator in a statement by the organization.

One eye witness said it was devastating to see members of his community buried alive.

"It is very difficult to predict the losses right now," said Andrew Chekong, a driver with the CWS East Africa regional office.

"The waters have not receded and there is still more rain predicted. It is extremely cold out here and I have counted 165 children and about 335 people totally displaced and living in the open. They urgently need something to keep themselves warm," he said.

The report indicates officials say rains are expected to continue through January.

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