'Legend of the Blue Sea' episode 14 latest news: New episodes will reveal new developments in Joon Jae's life

(Twitter/ LegendoftheBlueSea)Shown in photo are Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun of "Legend of the Blue Sea"

SBS recently aired a movie-like version of the fantasy mermaid drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" that features Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) and Chung's (Jun Ji Hyun) romance much to the delight of the show's avid followers. The succeeding episodes that will air starting in January will feature new developments in Joon Jae's relationship with his brother, Chi Hyun (Lee Ji Hoon) and father (Choi Jung Woo).

"We've created a special episode that will summarize the first half of the drama so that viewers can enjoy it like a movie before the second half of the drama kicks off. The staff will do their best for the remainder of the drama to create a top-notch production every episode," an undisclosed source close to the SBS drama said in a statement.

The same source added, "The character relationships and events — both present and past — will become deeper and more intertwined as the show goes on. From Heo Jun Jae's story with his step brother and father to the danger posed to Shim Cheong from Ma Dae Young (Sung Dong Il), as well as characters' connections and abilities to see bits of their past lives, the story is gaining more momentum as the end draws near."

Judging from the statement of the undisclosed insider, it is highly likely that the real connection between the lead characters' past and present lives will be revealed soon. The fantasy drama series is based on a classic Joseon legend from Korea's first collection of historical tales that reveals a fisherman who chances upon a mermaid and kidnaps her. As a child, Dam-ryeong who is also played Lee Min Ho in his past life, almost drowned until he was saved by a mermaid. The two became friends and eventually fell in love.

Dam-ryeong, however, was promised to marry another girl. When he did, Se-hwa — who is also Jun Ji Hyun in her past life — leaves and vows to erase all her memories of Dam-ryeong and the love that they shared. Fate eventually brings them back together and they both try to run away from humans who wanted to separate them. Dam-ryeong finds a way to send an artifact to his future self with a warning to ensure that their plight will not be repeated by their incarnations.

"Legend of the Blue Sea" will return on Wednesday, Jan. 4, on SBS.

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