'Making a Murderer' season 2 premiere spoilers: New evidence proves Steven Avery's guilt?

(Facebook/makingamurderer)"Making a Murderer" season 2 will continue with Steven Avery's gripping case.

"Making a Murderer" was widely acclaimed for its first season run. And with Netflix giving the go-ahead for a second season, viewers of the show and the public at large are definitely going to tune in to find out the outcome of the now-famous Steven Avery case. The viewing public is generally divided into two camps: those who think Avery is guilty and those who think he's innocent. But will the so-called new evidence sway the jury?

Netflix took to its website to announce the renewal of the documentary series for a second season. The camera will still follow Avery with his new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner. Season 2 will continue to show in-depth looks at the case as well as people associated with it.

But as with any successful series, there are bound to be observant fans paying close attention to even the smallest of details. One such example is a viewer who took to Reddit to present evidence proving Avery's guilt. According to wewannawii, Avery's thumbprint may be found on the cellphone battery belonging to Teresa Halbach, the woman he is accused of murdering.

There is also a new witness account that has surfaced. Freelance photojournalist Jeff Klassen spoke to Wilmber Siebert, Avery's neighbor at the time of the incident. Siebert claims that he had seen a white jeep following a RAV4 days before Halbach's car was discovered on Avery's property. Both cars were apparently going at an unusually fast speed. Halbach had driven a blue-green RAV4, same as the one Siebert had seen.

The account has sparked questions regarding the white jeep involved as Avery had not driven such a vehicle. He owned a silver Suzuki, which could be mistaken as white from a distance, many have pointed out. However, Carla Chase, Avery's niece, spoke out regarding the matter and said that the Suzuki was parked at their cabin in Crivitz, Wisconsin at the time. 

At this point, all there is to do is wait until season 2 of "Making a Murderer" premieres.

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