Michael Schumacher latest condition update: experts suggest that recovery process will be very long

(REUTERS / Edgar Su)

The health progress of Formula One racing legend Michael Schumacher remains shrouded in mystery, with his immediate family choosing to keep private any available medical information as much as possible. Despite the media blackout, the public remains keenly interested in Schumacher's current health condition and continues to provide a show of support for the former racer.

Still, the news reports these past few months haven't been too encouraging, with updates indicating that Schumacher is still slow to recover from his injuries. As reported in this article at Express, Schumacher is reported to have a limited awareness of his present environment and is unable to speak or move freely. According to an unnamed insider, "Progress is painfully slow. There is no miracle on the horizon."

Despite the ill news, Schumacher's medical team is hard at work in doing whatever they can to aid in the recovery process. A 15-man medical team attends to him day and night and is supervised by Professor Jean Francois Payen. Payen was the surgeon who operated on Schumacher's blood clots following his tragic skiing accident back in December 2013.

Peter Hamyln, an expert in sports related head injuries, weighed in on the subject and shared his thoughts on why the process is so pain-staking for all those involved. "What tortures the public is the same thing that tortures the family – progress is slow, progress is uncertain," he said.

Hamyln added that for injury victims to make a complete recovery requires many years of recovery. "The first months are dominated by questions of survival. Gradually as the weeks and months go by those questions of survival turn into questions of the quality of survival. It's a rollercoaster and if Michael Schumacher's rollercoaster takes him and his family somewhere happy then they will have been to places that will have been pretty unhappy on the way there," he said.

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