'Minecraft' Console Edition Holiday Update news: New 'Elytra' allows players to glide through the air

(YouTube/ Xbox)"Minecraft" undergoes a holiday update that gives the Elytra, which will allow players to glide through the air.

In an era where almost all games strive to be realistic and life-like, one title goes against the bandwagon and becomes an excellent standout in the process, creating a niche for itself. This is the story of "Minecraft," and it gets even better with the latest holiday update for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Jeff Rivait from Minecraft Product Marketing posted details of the update. He mentioned that the holiday update for the two consoles will bring new mobs, items, blocks, and status effects, expanding further what players can do in their unique worlds in "Minecraft."

"The End" is updated to include new structures such as End Cities and End Ships such as shown in the teaser. More items like Chorus Plants, Flowers, and Purpur are also introduced to the game.

Speaking of status effects, the update adds Lingering Potions that are crafted from Dragon's Breath and can be particularly useful when leaving traps against foes. The new statuses levitation and luck are also included in the holiday patch.

Perhaps the highlight of the holiday update for consoles is the new item Elytra, which allows players to glide through the air. This is particularly useful especially when creating high-rise buildings and avoiding enemies on the ground.

"Minecraft" has unprecedented popularity to creative gamers so much that it continues to thrive without the need for quests. The players themselves set their own goals, such as what structures to create.

WatchMojo even compiled a top 10 "Minecraft" creations celebrating the industry and sheer wit of the players. It spans from replicas of the Battlestar Galactica, a massive Golden City, a collaborative project creating a Winter Palace, a Minecraft version of Minas Tirith from "Lord of the Rings," and even the world of the critically acclaimed "Game of Thrones."

With the new update, "Minecraft" aficionados are sure to build new creations faster than before.

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