'NBA 2K17' game update and rumors: Game's system to be adjusted, cover options include Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry

(Kelley L Cox / Reuters)Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors celebrates after making a shot.

Basketball simulation video game "NBA 2K16" continues to be a top and popular game. But it cannot be denied that many are already looking forward to "NBA 2K17," especially since the current basketball season is having some changes — from the player lineup to the player stats. One change that publisher 2K Sports took notice of is Stephen Curry's actual gameplay.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, the Golden State Warriors star is playing so well in real life that 2K Sports will need to change Curry's avatar in the next game in order to match up with what he can do on the real court. Apparently, the NBA 2K16 counterpart of Curry can't keep up and that is what they are planning to change.

Gameplay director Mike Wang spoke to IGN and said that "it's not as much about changing Curry himself, as it is changing the way to succeed while using him as a player." Wang revealed that playing as Curry in the video game can already make the gamer get high scores especially for those skilled players.

But since 2K Sports aims to keep things balanced and fair in the game, Curry is limited by the game's boundaries. For instance, taking a three-point shot right after dribbling across the court is rarely used and even discouraged.

But since Curry is able to do that move on the real court, it is now being considered. Aside from that, Curry can also run across the court to stop abruptly at the three-point line and score effortlessly. He can also seamlessly take long-distance shots from any spot on the court. Wang detailed that they want to put Curry's legendary skills on his avatar for the "NBA 2K17."

Meanwhile, the question of who should grace the cover of "NBA 2K17" is also being surveyed. The apparent choice is Curry, but there are also some who want to see the Los Angeles Lakers icon, Kobe Bryant. Morning News USA reported, though, that it's possible that there could be two variants coming out — one with Curry on it and the other with Bryant.

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