NCIS Season 12 spoilers: Meet Mrs. Gibbs

(Source: Wikimedia)

The long-running crime drama has been renewed for a 12th season, and hardcore fans can't wait to find out what's in store for their favorite Naval Crime Investigative Service unit. Could this be the season where viewers will finally get to meet Leroy Gibb's mystery girl?

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs has had quite a few love interests all throughout the season, but fans are mostly interested with his recent ex, the redhead the show was referring to in season 11. One of the NCIS' producers, Gary Glasberg, told TVLine that season 12 could unveil the identity of this Gibb's controversial wife.

"I can promise you that [the mystery wife] is probably going to get touched on in Season 12″ said Glasberg to TVLine, during the CBS Television Critics' associated winter press tour party. Glasberg continued to describe this storyline bit as "gold," which will surely make peering fans amused.

"I have a little tiny space on my Dry Erase board for stories for next season, and that's already up there," added Glasberg in the same TVLine post. Though a long shot, the possibility of having Mark Harmon's real wife, Pam Dawber, is something that's been playing in the producers' thought bubbles. It wouldn't be a surprise if it did happen, especially because Dawber is also a red head.

"That'd be fun. Every year someone says, 'Maybe Pam will [be on the show],' and every year it doesn't happen. I have a feeling that's a tall order, but it's worth a phone call," attests Glasbert on the idea.

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