'NCIS' season 13 spoilers: Robert Wagner returns as DiNozzo Sr in episode 19


"NCIS" season 13 has been pulling out all the stops to make this season memorable. And with the season winding down, fans can expect more unforgettable episodes as the show prepares to say good-bye to one of its original members.

The popular TV series came out with an understated but perfect 300th episode that saw Gibbs (Mark Harmon) finally making peace with his past and McGee (Sean Murray) making plans for his future. "NCIS" also paid homage to all the men and women who serve with the special participation of the MusiCorps band.

Fans can expect another fun episode to come, as everyone's favorite entrepreneur is set to return. That's right! Robert Wagner is back to reprise his role as Anthony DiNozzo Sr. According to the synopsis for episode 19, "Reasonable Doubts," DiNozzo Sr. will attempt to help "a homeless woman who believes he is her father." Gibbs and the rest of the team will also tackle a challenging case when a Navy Public Affairs officer is murdered and the man's wife and mistress both accuse the other of committing the crime.

The upcoming episode's trailer is certainly enough to get fans excited. The sneak peek starts with a shot of a crime scene and two women start accusing the other of a crime. Palmer (Brian Dietzen) sums up the situation perfectly when he said that "it's gonna be a messy one." Apparently, one of the suspects is the man's wife, while the other is his mistress. Tony (Michael Weatherly) and his dad receive a surprise when a homeless looking woman calls Senior "dad" and said she had been looking for him. The older DiNozzo confides to Gibbs the possibility that he might have a daughter. The "NCIS" leader advises him to go look for her. The clip ends with Senior going to Tony to ask for help. He's surprised that the woman is with his father.

This might be the last time that the two characters will be seen together. It's unlikely that DiNozzo Sr. will continue to have business with "NCIS" once Tony is gone, so fans are gearing up for another tearjerker of an episode.

Meanwhile, reports have already surfaced about Clayton, one of the two agents who will allegedly replace Tony. According to TV Line, Clayton is someone in his late 20s to early 30s with an extensive military background. He is described as "loud, opinionated, often disrespectful, sarcastic, short-tempered and chauvinistic." No one has been cast yet, but it's said that producers are looking for a British actor of African descent. The agent will reportedly make his debut by the time the season finale rolls.

"NCIS" season 13 episode 19 is set to be aired on March 22 on CBS.

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