'One-Punch Man' season 2 release date in November 2016? Saitama faces new enemies

(YouTube/Ainio)Screenshot from the anime 'One Punch Man'

"One-Punch" just ended its first season and that means fans just can't wait for the story to continue. The good news is that the animated series' second season is underway and new episodes are expected to be dropped sometime this year.

According to various reports, "One-Punch Man" will return in November this year. But in a report from Otakuart, it mentioned that the animated series won't be released in a year or two, making the next season air possibly in 2017. In that case, fans can't do anything but wait.

But somehow, there's still hope for the 2016 release.

Crossmap reported that anime director Murata Yusuke has confirmed that season 2 is already in the works, so a 2016 release is likely.

As to what season 2 will be about, several reports suggest that Saitama, the story's main protagonist, will face new challenges as he tackles new enemies and villains. Gospel Herald reported that Saitama will deal with a new enemy, Amai Mask, described to be a Class A rank 1 hero.

Christian Daily, on the other hand, notes that an S-Class level hero named Garou will be the next enemy of Saitama. There are also other reports suggesting that Hero Blast will be the new villain in season 2. This won't be the first time that fans will hear about Hero Blast, since this character has already been mentioned back in the first season.

Meanwhile, Ecumenical News previously reported that season 2 will stay true to its manga roots. This means that season 2 will likely follow the events that transpired in season 1, which saw Lord Boros getting defeated by Saitama. What happens after is that the story will continue on with the Hero Hunter Arc, which is said to feature the most powerful villain – Garou.

If any of these reports prove to be true, "One-Punch Man" is surely another thrilling animated series to watch out for.

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