'One Punch Man' season 2 rumors: Show to start in October

(Facebook / One Punch Man Fans)"One Punch Man" will be featured in the upcoming Anime Expo on July 2.

This year's Anime Expo is fast approaching, and as anime fans wait for the July 2 event, speculations about the second season of "Once Punch Man" get louder. The show is believed to premiere by October with details about the upcoming season to be announced during the expo.

The event's official website has announced the participation of "One Punch Man" at the Los Angeles Convention Center. According to the announcement, "ONE PUNCH MATSURI will also include the premiere of the first English dubbed episode of 'ONE PUNCH MAN.'"

There will be a talk show featuring animation director Shingo Natsume and voice actor Makoto Furukawa who is the voice behind the main protagonist, Saitama. The show will be held from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Main Events Hall B.

The Japanese group JAM Project will also perform during the event. The JAM Project performed the opening theme song of the anime, titled "The Hero." The second season of "One Punch Man" has long been awaited. There are rumors saying that the season is composed of 12 action-packed episodes.

Fans continue to argue on Saitama's next opponent. The story of "One Punch Man" takes place in City Z where monsters and other mysterious beings appear. As a resident of the place, Saitama fights the monsters not only to save the people but also for amusement.

He eventually joined the Heroes Association to meet other superheroes under the leadership of Genos. The disciples in the association are ranked according to their skills. They often compete with other associations where every Saitama grows in popularity.

He has a very powerful punch that earns him the name "One Punch Man." He defeated the powerful villain Boros at the end of the first season and it was hinted that the strength he has shown is not even half of what he is capable of.

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