'Orange Is the New Black' season 4 spoilers: Show premieres June 17; renewed for three more seasons

(Orange is the New Black / Twitter)"Orange Is the New Black" season 4 returns on June 17.

Before "Orange Is the New Black" returns on the streaming platform Netflix for a fourth season this June, the dramedy was already renewed for three more seasons with Jenji Kohan as the showrunner. Here is the roundup of things fans can expect from the upcoming season.

Season 4 of the hit Netlfix series will see Litchfield having more problems than its usual issues. One of the biggest obstacles that it will face is its overpopulation. It is expected that Caputo will even be more stressed out. This also means that new faces will join the picture of the women inmates.

Laura Prepon's Alex Vaus is also confirmed to be back on the show and her near-death encounter with the poser jail guard Aydin will leave her alive. As for the previous season's breakout star Ruby Rose, there is still no word from Netflix or from the actress on her return to the show.

Meanwhile, actress Taylor Schilling has hinted her character Piper Chapman's fate on the upcoming season. In an interview with Popsugar, the actress admitted that it would a tough year for Piper.

"Piper's outsides are becoming less and less important. She's kind of moving further and further away from the idea of what she thought she was. She's becoming more practical. She's becoming a creature of the prison, and there's no space for excess. Her only need is for survival," Schilling added.

When asked if her character can make it through the end of season 4, Schilling responded an intriguing, "I don't know." This could hint that something bad may happen to Piper and if she can get through it all alive is something fans may have to look forward to.

The promo trailer for season 4 shows the main characters of the story as they face another batch of new inmates and another batch of challenges at Litchfield.

"Orange Is the New Black" season will return on Friday, June 17, at 12:01 a.m. on Netflix.

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