'Pokémon GO' gen 2 update news: 'Baby Pokémon' to come with expansion

(REUTERS/Sam Mircovich/Illustration)Will Baby Pokemon be featured in the "Pokemon GO" early September update?

The next big update for "Pokémon GO" is coming very soon. And while there are lots of expectations for the upcoming expansion, it is widely speculated that the update will feature what is now popularly called Baby Pokémon.

New reports suggest that the new set of pocket monsters can be hatched through Pokémon breeding. The process will continue the evolution that was initiated by other first generation Pokémon species. The list includes fan favorite Eeevee and other species such as Chansey, Onix, and many more.

This new feature will surely get players interested in "Pokémon GO" again as some expressed dismay over the numerous downtimes and glitches they experienced with the hit augmented reality title.

Meanwhile, other new features expected to come with the "Pokémon GO" Gen 2 patch are the purported legendaries and Pokémon trading aspects. Some data miners eventually released codes which could be teasing what new things fans will see in the game when the update rolls out.

One code seemed to be consistent with trade codes, which could mean that further trading options will be provided for players, though this particular feature has yet to be detailed by Niantic if it does come with the patch.

As for the anticipated legendaries code, the certain term "activity_catch_legend_pokemon" has led fans to believe that they will soon have the rare chance to capture the pocket monsters in the hit title that are fairly legendary and hard to find or obtain. 

Since developer Niantic continues to be tight-lipped about the "Pokémon GO" patch that will come early next week, there's a lot of excitement in the air as players continue to patronize the first augmented reality that has ever hit Android and iOS devices.

Will players be able to breed and hatch Baby Pokémon? How will Niantic introduce the new features and how will they play in providing the best experience for fans?

The "Pokémon GO" Gen 2 expansion is expected to roll out September 5, 2016

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