'Pokemon Sun and Moon' patch update, news: Patch 1.1 fixes Z-moves, Rocky Helmet glitches

Game Freak recently launched patch version 1.1 for the recent titles "Pokemon Sun and Moon." The update fixes the Rocky Helmet Glitches, Z-Parting Shot, and the Z-Memento in online battles, which has bugged players from the moment the game launched.

(Pokemon Sun and Moon website)Patch 1.1 released for "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon"

Since the game was launched last year, fans have been able to detect a few defects in the game, one of which was caused by two z-moves. Parting Shot and Memento were banned from competitive play because of the glitch. This will last until Battle Spot season 2, which will commence next week. Using the Z-moves caused the game to freeze and crash, which is why Game Freak decided to remove it from the games.

Once the z-moves will be made available again, players can hold down Darkinium Z to use the Z-Parting Shot and the Z-Memento. The former causes a decrease in Attack and Special Attack, while the latter brings a larger drop in the said moves.

Game Freak also tweaked the Rocky Helmet item, which somehow manages to change the results of a battle. To add, another problem that needed to be fixed was the learning ability of Kadabra. The pokemon couldn't learn confusion once it has evolved. Fans, however, have nothing to worry about, given that the latest patch fixes all the aforementioned glitches.

Gamers can update their "Pokemon Sun and Moon" titles through the eShop. The developers warned that with the latest patch, previous saved battle videos from the version 1.0 will no longer be playable in the version 1.1.

According to Serebii, patch version 1.1 requires 296 blocks to download. The patch requires gamers to go online and participate in official events.

Catch the latest tweaks to "Pokemon Sun and Moon" when Battle Spot season 2 goes live this Tuesday, Jan. 17.

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