Relief Agency: Cash Donations Most Valuable for Haiti Now

The Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance has advised those interested in giving to Haiti to do so in cash donations.

"Unfortunately a lot of people aren't keen on giving money. They want to do something more concrete. But in fact, if they really want to help, money is the most useful thing," ACT staff member Sarah Wilson told the Anglican Journal.

"Even here, we're going to be distributing money in limited quantities to certain people because there is food available to buy, [it's] just that people don't have any money."

While over $200 million has been raised worldwide for victims of the Jan. 12 tragedy, bottlenecks in providing the aid to people on the ground have left many still in need. Factors such as fuel shortages, damaged infrastructure, and unorganized efforts have contributed to the difficulties.

Wilson noted that a crucial need for Haitians now are resources for storing and purifying water, as access to clean water is limited. Medical services also rank as a top priority, with ACT medical teams currently serving in cities such as Jacmel, Leogane, Petit Goave, Carrefour and Matissant.

"The people of Haiti are very grateful for the worldwide solidarity, and it's certainly very much needed," Wilson said. "It's a country that was starting to improve in many ways. Malnutrition was dramatically down, and they had a democratically elected government. The security situation was improving, and now this has happened. It's really a terrible tragedy."

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