'Sister Wives' season 8 latest rumors: Kody going through midlife crisis?

(Sister Wives / Facebook)Is Kody Brown, the patriarch and star of "Sister Wives," experiencing midlife crisis?

As fans continue to wait for TLC to announce an eighth season for "Sister Wives," the Brown family has also been in headlines recently due to some alleged issues that may cause the network to completely cancel the series.

Over the past weeks, there have been rumors suggesting that Kody is planning to add two more wives to his huge family. If this happens, fans can expect him to have more children. However, Kody's remarks during the previous season's "Tell-All" episode may slam these reports.

During the said episode, Kody seemed to imply that he no longer wants to have children. His fourth wife, Robyn, gave birth to baby Ariella earlier this year but it seems Kody is already satisfied with the number of children that he has. He said at that time that since he's already 47 years old, he may be too old to have more kids.

Though there is no confirmation on the rumors that suggest Kody wants two more wives, it is believed that TLC isn't happy with the speculations, especially since some fans are starting to believe that there's no happy ending in polygamous families. This then defeats TLC's purpose of letting the world know that even polygamists can be happy.

It isn't really surprising that there are reports emerging about the possible cancellation of "Sister Wives" since the same rumors emerged after season six, when Meri, Kody's first wife, confessed to having been catfished. Despite the reports, TLC gave the Brown family another season, and this could possibly happen for another year or two.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors pointing to what could possibly be an issue that Kody is dealing with these days. It is believed that he is experiencing midlife crisis due to the alleged lack of support that his four wives are giving him. If there is indeed trouble in the household, this could be a good reason for TLC to pick up "Sister Wives" for season eight.

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