'Sons of Anarchy' prequel rumors: Series script allegedly leaked? Release date for project unknown

(Facebook/Sons of Anarchy)A release date for the prequel to "Sons of Anarchy" remains unknown.

"Sons of Anarchy" came to a conclusion in 2014, but fans continue to hope for the release of its prequel ever since series creator Kurt Sutter mentioned the prequel plans.

Last year, Sutter confirmed in an interview with Deadline that he intends to make the prequel, which could have 10 or 12 episodes. In addition, he stated that the center of the story will be John Teller and Piney's return from the Vietnam War and the start of their camaraderie. Despite his statement, there is still no update on when this project will be released.

At this point, nothing has been set in stone for the "Sons of Anarchy's" prequel, which currently has the working title "First 9." However, there might be hints as to how the story starts after MoviePilot shared a script presumed to be from the pilot episode of the original series. Basically, the scene introduced John Teller in 1966 when he was 25 years old. The script somehow highlighted that Teller leads the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club of Redwood, as Clay, Piney and six more bikers follow him.

The script could very well open up to the history of "The First 9," but there are also rumors suggesting that Sutter might even go into a different direction with the prequel. It was reported that Sutter is looking for Latino actors to play roles in the prequel, which is believed to actually be the spin-off that focuses on Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original's (SAMCRO) rival, the Mayans SC.

Meanwhile, Sutter has not made any comment on all the rumors about the project. Still, fans continue to wait for substantial updates about the release of the "Sons of Anarchy" prequel. It would be interesting to discover what really happened to John and Piney after the Vietnam War when they started SAMCRO and everything in between.

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