'Steven Universe' season 4 rumors: Peridot to fuse with Lapis Lazuli?

(Facebook/Steven Universe)"Steven Universe" returns for the rest of its season 4 on January 30.

Although Peridot has not fused with any Crystal Gems on "Steven Universe," it is said that she may soon do so with Lapis Lazuli in the future episodes of "Steven Universe" season 4.

Many "Steven Universe" fans were treated to a pleasant surprise when new episodes of the Cartoon Network series leaked online last Jan. 3. However, it has been learned that those were not leaks but were done on purpose via the Cartoon Network's app via its "See It First" promo.

Because of the said promo, some fans of the animated Cartoon Network series, which is currently on hiatus, now have an advanced knowledge on how the story of "Steven Universe" season 4 will pan out. Based on what have been discussed online, it is said that there is a possibility now for Peridot to experience her first-ever fusion on "Steven Universe," and it will happen with Lapis Lazuli.

However, speculations on the fusion of Peridot and Lapis Lazuli are nothing new. In fact, their upcoming fusion was first suspected at the latter part of last year because of the teaser for the series' "Gem Harvest" episode.

In the said episode, Peridot and Lapis Lazuli were trying to grow some pumpkins at the farm. However, the two Crystal Gems were disappointed that the pumpkins they grow don't talk and move, unlike Steven's, whose pumpkin acts and sounds like a dog.

While nothing about the said teaser hinted of Peridot and Lapis Lazuli's fusion, fans couldn't help but notice the improving relationship between the two, leading them to suspect that a fusion between the two was imminent. However, the episode was released without featuring what fans had been anticipating. 

Will it finally happen in the upcoming episodes of "Steven Universe" season 4? Fans can only wonder for now. After all, it was no less than "Steven Universe" creator Rebecca Sugar who said at last year's New York Comic-Con that fusions on the animated series convey emotions told on the series' story.

Sugar also hinted back then that the upcoming story arc for "Steven Universe" season 4 will unravel more about Rose Quartz.

Will "Steven Universe" season 4 finally feature Peridot in her first-ever fusion?

Find out when "Steven Universe" returns for the rest of its season 4 on Jan. 30, 7 p.m. EST on Cartoon Network.

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