'Steven Universe' season 4 spoilers: Leaked episodes intentional

(Facebook/StevenUniverse)image from "Steven Universe"

Episodes 11 and 12 of "Steven Universe" season 4 were supposed to air on Jan. 30, so avid fans were shocked to see that episodes 11 to 15 were made available on Cartoon Network's mobile app for iOS and Android. It may have looked like an unintentional leak, however, a representative from the TV network confirmed otherwise.

The representative told Polygon that they deliberately upload the episodes and that they were not accidental.

"It helps us build awareness for upcoming episodes and for new show launches before they go on the linear platform. For example, we did this last September with our new series Mighty Magiswords, and in December, we sneaked Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs and My Knight and Me."

The Geekiary has provided a short description for episodes 11 to 15.

Season 4 episode 11 is titled "Steven's Dream," and it will premiere on Jan .30. In the episode, a strange dream will prompt Steven to search for answers. Meanwhile, episode 12, "Adventures in Light Distortion," will also air on the same day. The episode will feature Steven and the Gems going on a search and recovery mission.

Episode 13 bearing the title "Gem Heist" will air on Jan. 31 and it will show Gems trying to pull off a heist. Episode 14, "The Zoo," will depict Steven visiting a special zoo on Feb. 1. Lastly, the 15th episode, "That Will Be All," will follow Steven and the Gems as they make a daring escape on Feb. 2. 

Meanwhile, The Epicstream reported that the clips have revealed the hierarchy of the Homeworld Gems and the true identity of the mysterious Blue Diamond. Also, the show's fan base got to see Steven and the Crystal Gems attempt to save Greg from Blue Diamond's zoo. A new song was also featured from Yellow Diamond — a dry little piece meant to help lift Blue Diamond's spirits as the Homeworld Gem grieves over the death of Pink Diamond.

Following these revelations, theories and discussions on Reddit are circulating about the possible alliance of Lapis Lazuli and Peridot in the following installments of the show. Moreover, many of the ardent followers of the series are also looking forward to the roles of Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond and Blue Diamond.

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