'Street Fighter 5' DLC update, rumors: Urien available this month?

(Facebook/Street Fighter)Rumors claim that Urien will be finally available as a playable DLC character in "Street Fighter 5" this month.

After several glitches, Urien may finally find his way as the latest downloadable content (DLC) character in "Street Fighter 5," as reports claim that he will finally be available this month.

According to reports, Capcom has hinted on the possibility of Urien to finally be a DLC character for "Street Fighter 5" after several delays. Allegedly, the studio is set to introduce necessary improvements in the game so that the said character can finally be launched.

It can be recalled that Urien was already featured as a playable character in the story mode of the game. However, the character cannot still be employed in other game modes. In the event, though, that Capcom can finally solve the problems that cause the delay of his inclusion in the game, fans can expect him to make "Street Fighter 5" even more exciting as a leaked gameplay of the character shows him creating an energy ball in his hand and eventually slamming it on the ground.

Apart from the report claiming that Urien may finally find his way to "Street Fighter 5," it is also said that the game will offer a new Mission System. With the Mission System, players will need to partake in daily challenges so that they can earn Fight Money, which they can use to purchase various items or other DLC characters.

While the aforementioned news on "Street Fighter 5" is, without question, exciting, they have to be taken with a grain of salt as they are still unconfirmed at this point in time. For instance, the Mission System was announced way back in February, but no official update about it was released since its announcement, according to reports.

Hence, fans looking forward to the inclusion of Urien should hold their horse's while Capcom hasn't confirmed it yet. If the said character is really getting released this month, well and good for the fans who have long awaited his arrival.

If he doesn't, he will surely come later.

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