'Suits' season 5 news: Amy Acker plays Louis Litt's sister in upcoming episode

(USA Network/TVGuide)Amy Acker would be joining the cast of Suits in the upcoming episode

The premiere of the fifth season of "Suits" late last month is arguably one of the most anticipated debuts for a TV series this year. Given how season four ended, it really was not all that surprising that more than 2 million viewers tuned in to the pilot episode of the current season.

And now that Wednesday's episode is already the series' fourth, things are definitely already heating up with the introduction of yet another saucy character.

"Suits," which first aired in June of 2011, is an American legal drama series created by Aaron Korsh and broadcasted on the cable network, USA. At the onset, the series followed the life of Mike Ross, a talented underachiever who has an eidetic memory, as he is hired by Harvey Specter as Pearson-Hardman's new associate despite having no law degree.

Season four ended with more questions than answers. The final sequence had Donna, Harvey's long time assistant, professing her love for her boss after informing him that she can no longer work as his secretary. For months, fans have tossed and turned trying to figure out what is next for the pair.

The premiere, however, saw Donna working for Louis with Harvey looking for a replacement. It seems like Harvey and Donna's relationship is in a bit of a limbo as their burgeoning romance is stunted by the events of the season four finale.

While fans hope fervently that their relationship would continue to progress, the introduction of a new woman in Harvey's life might make that difficult.

"Suits" season five, episode four would introduce Louis Litt's sister, Esther, played by "Persons of Interest" star — Amy Acker.

According to TV line, Esther is in need of legal help, which is why she turned to her lawyer brother. However Louis clearly does not appreciate his sister's presence and Esther in turn sought another lawyer's advice.

If the previews that were released last week are any indication, there is or would be something going on between Esther and Harvey. While it is already expected that Louis would not be at ease with this scenario, the attraction definitely might further hinder the Specter/Paulsen romance.

"Suits" season five, episode four is scheduled to air on July 15, 2015 on USA.

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