'Super Mario Run' release date news: Can mobile app make impact in video game industry?

(REUTERS/KEVORK DJANSEZIAN/FILES)"Super Mario Bros." creator Shigeru Miyamoto

There are still a lot of mobile users who are enjoying "Pokémon GO" but another big game will soon be coming to smartphones. It was announced during Apple's recent iPhone 7 event that "Super Mario Run" will be released soon for mobile devices. The launching of the game may have a good impact on the mobile app industry.

Based on reports, the mechanics of "Super Mario Run" is simple. The players just need to climb levels and collect a lot of coins as well. The controls involve the tapping of the screen. When pressing the screen a little longer, Mario's jump will also be higher. 

The gaming mechanics may be simple, but if the game's release is successful, it may change the industry for mobile apps. According to iDigitalTimes, "Super Mario Run" may pave the way in legitimizing mobile gaming. Since Nintendo has taken some of their classic characters to the mobile platform, this indicates that mobile gaming will be taken more seriously. With this, it is possible that the game may bring the iOS and Android to the world of the big shots in the gaming industry.

Furthermore, "Super Mario Run" will not be a free app, but there will still be demos so players can get a taste for the game. The mobile app will also not have any micro transactions and this indicates that players need to purchase the game outright in order to enjoy more of the title. This could change gamers' perspectives in terms of pricing as there are no hidden costs in the game.

However, the impact of "Super Mario Run" has yet to be determined and will only be seen once the game has finally been released. There are speculations that it will be unveiled this December or early 2017 for the iOS. As for Android, they may have a later launch date for the mobile app.

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